Benefits Included with Dale Ekstrum, M.D. Personalized Medical Care

These services are not covered by Medicare and are not typically covered by other insurance plans.

Now, especially during these unprecedented and uncertain times, it is reassuring for my concierge patients to have a doctor they know and trust available whenever needed.

During my occasional absence from the office, a trusted colleague will serve as my covering provider.

Unlike many other medical practices, when you call my office there is no recording to navigate—only real people to take your call, with a real concern for your health and well-being.  All phone calls are returned promptly, but if you deem your problem “urgent” I will make every effort to speak to you at the time of your call.
After hours and or on weekends, you can easily and directly reach for urgent issues by calling or texting on my personal cell phone or emailing me. However, for emergencies, always call 911 first.